Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Camden & Cherry Hill, NJ

Camden, Cherry Hill and the surrounding areas are fantastic environments to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, government programs and nonprofit organizations provide prevention efforts and assistance to help their community overcome substance abuse.

Rehab Centers, AA & NA Meetings in Camden

Support groups and nonprofit organizations in Camden, NJ support the recovery of area residents and prevent substance abuse. For those still seeking help, you can visit drug and alcohol rehab facilities throughout Camden.

In addition, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meet regularly in the Greater Camden Area. You can find the right support group to help you overcome addiction.

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Why Choose Rehab in Camden & Cherry Hill?

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Camden, New Jersey is in close proximity to Philadelphia, separated only by the Delaware River and easily accessible via the Benjamin Franklin and Walt Whitman Bridges. Camden is also less than an hour from Trenton, the New Jersey shore and Wilmington.

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Fun and Recreation

The Camden area offers numerous recreational options for people of all ages. The Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill, NJ is the perfect place for children up to 10 years old to explore their imagination and features 20 exhibits tailored to young minds. Cherry Hill Mall provides excellent shopping for visitors and residents alike, housing 160 stores and restaurants. The Adventure Aquarium in Camden gives visitors the chance to view and interact with exotic sea creatures and animals. The Funplex in Mount Laurel is the destination for family-friendly excitement, offering bumper cars, bowling, an arcade, mini-golf, carnival rides, a water park and more.

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Camden, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are some of the most historically significant places in the United States. Camden is home to Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, the United States’ largest and most decorated battleship which serves as a museum honoring the history of the USS New Jersey and its veterans. Camden, NJ is also home to the tomb of Walt Whitman, the famous American writer and poet whose writing has transcended centuries. Just over the bridges, Philadelphia’s monuments provide visitors the opportunity to experience some of the most historical moments in United States History, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Government Prevention Initiatives

Government initiatives and programs in Camden, Cherry Hill, Camden County, Gloucester County, and the surrounding community work to prevent substance abuse among its citizens and make treatment available to individuals with substance use disorders.

Camden County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, Inc.

Camden County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, Inc.

The Camden County Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, Inc. educates the community about how alcohol addiction, drug addiction and problems related to substance abuse are treatable and preventable. The council also promotes early identification, prevention and treatment of substance abuse through elementary and middle school programs, and informational resources for the community.

Camden County Addiction Awareness Task Force

The Camden County Addiction Awareness Task Force increases awareness of heroin and prescription drug abuse and its effects in Camden County, NJ. Made up of members that include students, parents, teachers, civic organizations, medical professionals, law enforcement, and other community members.

The task force goals are:

  • To reduce the supply and demand of heroin and prescription drugs.
  • To establish awareness programs to educate residents about addiction prevention programs and resources available to the community.
  • To support the additional resources that treat or prevent heroin and prescription drug addiction in the community.


Philadelphia-Camden High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (PCHIDTA) Program

The PCHIDTA Program is a multifaceted law enforcement program supported by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, a part of the Executive Office of the White House. The PCHIDTA is made up of 35 different federal, state and local law enforcement agencies that work together to prevent drug trafficking, money laundering, drug-related violence and gang activity in Camden county in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chester, and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania, and New Castle county in Delaware. The program aims to disrupt the illegal-drug market by dismantling drug trafficking and money laundering rings and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of drug prevention efforts.

Cherry Hill Alliance on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

With a vision of creating a drug and alcohol free community, the Cherry Hill Alliance on Alcohol and Drug Abuse prevents substance abuse through education efforts in the community. A nonprofit volunteer organization made up of municipal officials, educators, law enforcement and other community members, the alliance also provides information and education on how to find help for issues related to substance abuse.

SBYSP Program

Camden City School District- School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP)

The School Based Youth Services Program was created to provide health, social services and recreational opportunities to Camden City School District students who require assistance. Services are offered before, during and after school, as well as during the summer.

Services provided include:

  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Mental Health and Family Services
  • Primary and Preventative Health Services
  • Referrals to Community-Based Services
  • After-School and Summer Programs
  • Family Involvement Programs
  • Pregnancy Prevention Programs
  • Health Youth Development Programs

Gloucester County Addiction Services Unit

The Addiction Services Unit directs services for county residents struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. The unit coordinates these services by focusing on individual addiction service needs in four categories: prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support. The Addiction Services Unit also helps manage committees and subcommittees in the community that address substance use prevention and addiction needs.

Prevention Plus of Burlington County

Prevention Plus of Burlington County

An affiliate of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., Prevention Plus of Burlington County promotes health, wellness and safety for the community by providing professional substance abuse prevention services, education, collaboration, and advocacy. Prevention Plus educates children, youth and adults about substance addiction and the associated risks, collaborates with multiple government agencies to maximize the effects of substance abuse prevention reach, and advocates for policy change to better the community’s quality of substance abuse treatment and prevention.

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College Services

Universities and Colleges in Camden, New Jersey and the surrounding area provide assistance, treatment and referrals for students struggling with drugs or alcohol.

Rutgers University Camden
Camden County College Addiction Counseling Department
Rowan University Counseling & Psychological Services

Rutgers University Camden

The Rutgers University Camden Campus provides alcohol, drug and nicotine counseling to students struggling with substances. Counseling is available at the student health services center and is completely free and confidential. Student health services counselors provide a supportive place to discuss students’ life problems and substance use. Services are also available for those who want to refer a friend to counseling.

Rowan University Counseling & Psychological Services

Rowan University Counseling and Psychological Services provides both individual and group treatment to students with substance use disorders or concerns, as well as referrals to community treatment programs. Counseling and Psychological Services provides substance abuse education in addition to discovering students’ willingness to change problematic behaviors concerning substance use. These services aim to provide a safe place for students to explore their substance use problems and discover strategies to change them.

Camden County College Addiction Counseling Department

Camden County College recognizes the challenges students face when pursuing higher education and can provide assistance to those in need. Students experiencing feelings of depression, prolonged sadness or anger, personal issues, and substance abuse concerns are encouraged to speak to advisers in the Office of the Dean of Students or to call the Department of Public Safety for assistance with finding the help they need. Camden County College also contracts with specialized service providers to support students through their difficulties.

Service providers include:

South Jersey Behavioral Health Resources
Provides a variety of behavioral health and human services, including assessments, referrals, individual, group and family therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and medication monitoring.
Center for Family Services
Provides crisis interventions, including services for students who have experienced trauma.
Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey
Offers bilingual and bicultural therapists who assist those struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and substance abuse.

Support Groups and Nonprofit Organizations

Justin for Justice – Squash the Secret

Squash the Secret, a support group created by Justice for Justin — a nonprofit organization that prevents substance abuse and influences substance abuse policy change — brings awareness to parents in the community about the dangers of heroin and opiate abuse, signs of substance abuse, and the threat that accompanies heroin and opiate abuse to families, friends and society. The group meets the fourth Wednesday of every month and is open for all to attend.

Camden Center for Family Services

For more than 90 years, this nonprofit organization has provided comprehensive care to southern New Jersey families in need, offering community connection services, counseling, behavioral health services, early childhood education, family support services, housing, victim and trauma services and substance abuse treatment. Substance abuse services include assessment, education, and outpatient treatment, as well family therapy.

Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey

For 40 years, the Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Inc. (HFC) has provided south New Jersey residents with services that improve community health, opportunities and self-sufficiency. With three locations in Camden and one in Gloucester County, HFC offers family counseling services relevant to community residents, including substance use disorder treatment and substance abuse prevention education.

The Southwest Council, Inc.

The Southwest Council, Inc. is a nonprofit health agency that provides substance abuse prevention and treatment resources and services to communities, educators, youth, businesses, and professionals. The organization focuses on prevention, early intervention, and providing outpatient treatment services in Cumberland, Salem, and Gloucester counties. The organization provides 32 different services or programs that combat substance abuse in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Charities and volunteer organizations in the Camden, New Jersey, area provide opportunities to serve individuals that are less fortunate, including some who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley provides services to community individuals in need to empower them to live self-fulfilled, independent lives. The Addiction Treatment Program, one of the many services Volunteers of America Delaware Valley offers, provides individualized care plans to help those with substance addiction overcome their disorder. Volunteer opportunities through the organization are almost unlimited and give individuals the chance to assist those in need in a number of different ways.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden is a faith-based agency that provides social services and advocates for individuals in need. Services provided include basic needs services, veteran services, community education, family counseling, substance abuse treatment and more. The Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden is continuously looking for volunteers to help fulfill their mission and have opportunities for direct service to the less fortunate, service behind the scenes, and opportunities to serve at home in preparation for other charity efforts.

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