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    Addiction Care That Starts with You

    Every individual and scenario is different. That is why we tailor our treatment model around you to make sure you get the best possible care.

    The 10/10 Experience

    All of our treatment centers offer the 10/10 Therapeutic Experience. This means that you'll receive a minimum of 10 individualized treatment sessions in the first 10 days. We tailor this plan completely around your unique needs to ensure success during your treatment with us.

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    Treatment That Works for You

    We use treatment that is centered around evidence-based models, such as therapeutic learning, cognitive-based healing and medication assistance.

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    Methods Backed by Research

    Our therapy sessions are backed by scientific research and have been proven to be effective in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. From detox to our 10/10 Therapeutic Experience all the way to sober living, our methods are proven.

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    Help with Co-Occurring Disorders

    Many individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse or eating disorders may also be battling co-occuring disorders such as depression, anxiety or personality disorders. Our expert staff is equipped to treat co-occuring disorders as well.

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    A Well-Rounded, Experienced Team

    Our staff at every facility includes doctors, nurses, dieticians, therapists and case workers. We have someone on staff to help you at every stage of your recovery. On top of that, our staff truly cares that you get better.

    Conditions We Treat Include:

    • Drug Addiction
    • Alcohol Addiction
    • Eating Disorders
    • Co-Occurring Disorders

    Flexible Payment & Insurance Options

    We accept most major insurances and can work with you on payment plans and other financing options in order to get you the care that you need.

    Most major insurance accepted

    Our Success Stories

    “They knew what I needed even when I didn’t know what I needed.” - Paul

    “They told me about the Recovery Village. It was in Umatilla, Florida. I didn’t know anything about it, but it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Hands down.” - Anonymous

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    Who am I calling?

    Calls will be answered by a qualified admissions representative with Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS), the owners of We look forward to helping you!

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    Who am I calling?

    Phone calls to treatment center listings not associated with ARS will go directly to those centers. and ARS are not responsible for those calls.