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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Colorado Springs, CO

Rehabilitation facilities near Colorado Springs treat individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Community organizations and support groups in Pueblo, Teller and El Paso counties can help you begin the recovery process today.

Rehab Centers, AA & NA Meetings

Pueblo, Teller and El Paso counties are home to many different addiction treatment centers, as well as several community-based anti-drug organizations. The organizations work to raise awareness about drug and alcohol-related issues throughout southern Colorado.

The Southern Colorado-Pueblo chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Pikes Peak Area chapter of Narcotics Anonymous both have hundreds of meetings every week in southern Colorado. You can find peer support for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in Palmer Lake, Security-Widefield, Fountain and other areas throughout Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs, CO

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Why Choose Rehab in Colorado Springs?

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Enjoy the Outdoors

State parks in Colorado Springs such as Garden of the Gods Park and the Cheyenne Mountain State Park offer spectacular views of nature, red rocks and wildlife. You can also try a whitewater rafting experience near Pueblo. Raft along the Arkansas River, which winds through Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Royal Gorge.


Take a Tour

If you’re looking for a more structured experience, tour one of the many attractions near Colorado Springs. You can tour the Colorado Wolfe and Wildlife Center or go on a Pikes Peak Mountain bike tour. You can also indulge in a treat at Patsy’s Candies — an old-fashioned candy factory — or check out the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

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Arts and Museums

You can visit a museum, art or cultural center during recovery. The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the Outlaws and Law Men Jail Museum in nearby Cripple Creek offer glimpses of Colorado’s past. The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Museum and the Penrose Heritage Museum are also entertaining cultural destinations.

Government Initiatives in Colorado Springs

Police departments, sheriff’s offices and local governments near Colorado Springs work to raise awareness about addiction and reduce the amount of illicit substances on the street.


Drug Abuse Resistance Education

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department provide drug and alcohol abuse educational programs for youth. The D.A.R.E. program is run by specialized resource officers who visit schools to teach children good decision-making skills and how to avoid drugs, violence and crime.

Pueblo County Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office on the Colorado State University-Pueblo campus provides an Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program to college students and community members. The program raises awareness about the effects of drugs and alcohol, encourages good behavior and discourages underage drinking.

US Drug Enforcement Administration Logo

Southern Colorado Drug Task Force

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Southern Colorado Drug Task Force works with police departments in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Florence and sheriff’s offices in Pueblo and El Paso County. The task force targets drug trafficking organizations in the southern part of the state.

Colorado Springs Metro Vice, Narcotics & Intelligence Division

The Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division of the Colorado Springs Police Department works to prevent the possession and distribution of illicit drugs in Colorado Springs. The agency works with El Paso and Teller counties to decrease drug trafficking in the area.

El Paso County Deputy Sheriff

Reintegration & Recovery Program

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office’s Reintegration and Recovery Program rehabilitates people who have been incarcerated for drug-related crimes. The program provides treatment, education and therapy for people with substance use disorders and works with aftercare services to reintegrate people into society.

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College Services

The higher-education institutions in the Colorado Springs, CO area promote drug awareness and education to both college students and community members. The schools also provide counseling and wellness services for students suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.


University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs offers students, faculty and staff educational, counseling and treatment services related to alcohol or drug abuse. Several resources are available through Student Support Services, the CU Benefits Office and the Department of Public Safety. These include:

  • A program aimed at teaching students about the personal impact of alcohol abuse, including legal ramifications.

  • A comprehensive program which teaches violence prevention, bystander training and alcohol and drug awareness.

  • A peer-facilitated class where students present information about alcohol and marijuana awareness.

  • The Simulated Impaired Driving Experience is a program provided on-campus that simulates alcohol impaired driving for high school students.

  • A program that teaches student about the dangers of high-risk drinking behavior, how to say no to peers and how to think about alternatives to high-risk situations.

  • A program aimed at educating students about the dangers of drinking before major campus events.

  • A program aimed at teaching students how to make healthy decisions regarding drugs, alcohol and sexual health before spring break.

  • A drug and alcohol informational presentation that uses interactive games to teach students about drug and alcohol safety practices.

Colorado State University — Pueblo

The Colorado State University-Pueblo Student Counseling Center offers psychological counseling for students suffering from a variety of mental health issues, including drug or alcohol addiction. The center provides educational and prevention services on campus, including:

  • A monthly educational program for students who want to change their low or moderate alcohol consumption.

  • A pair of sessions for students with moderate or heavy alcohol consumption behavior. BASICS provides motivational interviewing counseling for students.

  • A service similar to BASICS aimed at students with low or moderate alcohol consumption behavior.

  • If the Student Counseling Center is unable to provide the service a student requires, it will refer the student to rehab in the community.

  • A training seminar for students to learn about the signs of overdose and alcohol poisoning.

  • A short educational program for students to learn about alcohol abuse and resources on campus.

Pikes Peak Community College

The Pikes Peak Community College Counseling and Resource Center provides six free counseling sessions for students suffering from a variety of mental health issues. Topics treated during therapy include depression, anxiety, anger, alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

Pueblo Community College

The Pueblo Community College Health Center offers intervention and referral services to students suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. The PCC Health Clinic also works with community organizations to provide educational and awareness programs.

Community Support Services

Build a Generation

The Teller County Build a Generation program works to determine the amount of drug-related risk exposure to children in the county, identify community resources that can negate that risk and implement a comprehensive plan to promote healthy lifestyles among Teller County youth.

One Community Pueblo

One Community Pueblo is a coalition that focuses on improving the lives of children in Pueblo County. The organization aims to reduce risk factors for drug addiction and increase the number of protective factors for children and parents in the community.

High School Traffic Safety Challenge

The statewide DRIVE SMART program encourages safe driving practices across Colorado. In Colorado Springs, the organization’s High School Traffic Safety Program aims to reduce distracted driving and educate students about the danger of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

El Paso & Teller Counties Alliance for Drug Endangered Children

The El Paso and Teller County chapter of the Alliance for Drug Endangered Children aims to reduce the impact of drug abuse on families in the communities. The organization works with local law enforcement to provide prevention, education and intervention services in the area.

Colorado Prevention Partnership For Success

The state of Colorado’s Prevention Partnership for Success works to reduce binge drinking behavior among Latino youth in four counties in Colorado, including Pueblo County. The partnership’s “I’m Going Places” campaign and Young Leaders Society discourages underage drinking among Latino youth.

Rise Above Colorado

Rise Above Colorado, a statewide drug prevention program, has implemented an anti-prescription drug abuse initiative in southern Colorado. The organization visits local high schools to warn students about the dangers of prescription drugs and teach them how to avoid abusing the substances.

Volunteer Opportunities

Anti-drug and alcohol abuse organizations in southern Colorado need help to provide educational, awareness and treatment services. You can give back to the community by volunteering your time to help those recovering from addiction.

Pueblo Youth Project logo

Pueblo Youth Project

The Pueblo Youth project teaches middle and high school students in Pueblo County to avoid risky activities such as abusing drugs and alcohol. The organization needs volunteers who are willing to perform tasks like handing out fliers, compiling educational materials and serving on the organization’s advisory council or board of directors.

Colorado Springs Teen Court logo

Colorado Springs Teen Court

The Colorado Springs Teen Court provides criminal justice services for teens who get in trouble with the law. The court often sentences their peers to educational classes and awareness programs aimed at deterring criminal behavior in the future. More than 200 teens volunteer to serve on the court every year.

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