Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Phillipsburg, New Jersey

The Phillipsburg area has an array of treatment facilities and support groups to help you recover from substance abuse. Warren County and the surrounding counties strive toward a drug free environment by taking a number of initiatives against addiction.

Rehab Centers, NA & AA Meetings in Phillipsburg

A lot of community driven initiatives are in place to reduce substance use around the Phillipsburg, NJ area. They educate residents and offer comprehensive treatment plans to help individuals toward a safer and healthier lifestyle.

Support groups are important to recovery by offering a platform to share experiences and advice. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous host a number of meetings around the Phillipsburg area.

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Whitewater Challengers offers whitewater-rafting trips down the Lehigh River Gorge. They have adventures tailored to every skill level. If you are not a fan of watersports, they offer biking trips along the gorgeous Lehigh Gorge Bike Trail. They also provide the amenities for you to camp near the Lehigh River where you can have easy access to various activities.

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Government Initiatives

The local government of Phillipsburg, NJ and the surrounding counties strive to provide the resources and help needed to drive substance use out of their environment.

Warren County Drug Court

Warren County Drug Court

The mission of Warren County’s drug court is to deter substance abuse by gathering a team of specialists to tackle nonviolent drug cases. Together with treatment professionals, law enforcers work to support and monitor an individual’s recovery. Rigorous legal and medical treatment provide the required supervision and guidance for the patient to recover.

Sussex County C.L.E.A.R Program

The Community Law Enforcement Addiction Recovery (CLEAR) program aims to ease the treatment and recovery process for individuals suffering from substance addiction. CLEAR seeks to make a positive difference and break the stereotypes preventing substance users from getting help. Their mission is to put together a network of professionals in the community where prospective patients can feel safe to go to when they need addiction treatment. CLEAR also provides a number of resources such as 12-Step meetings to support the individual during his or her recovery.

Sussex County Substance Abuse and Alcohol

Sussex County Substance Abuse and Alcohol Office

Sussex County’s Substance Abuse and Alcohol Office consists of treatment services and prevention services through the municipal alliance program. Funded by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, they offer inpatient and outpatient treatment, counseling, halfway services, detoxification, and educational services. The Sussex County Alliance supports and oversees other municipal alliances as they work on awareness programs for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Prevention Connections of Warren County

Prevention Connections is a program offered by the Family Center of Warren County. Their Above The Influence campaign helps teenagers recognize and avoid negative peer influences. Prevention Connections also established a Drug Free Workplace where they provide free services and resources to employers to set up and maintain a workplace free of drugs. The Project Medicine Drop includes four locations in Warren County where residents can drop off their unneeded prescription medications.

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College Services

Colleges in the Phillipsburg, New Jersey, area have many programs and resources for students and employees suffering from a substance use disorder. They provide in-house counseling sessions and treatment services.

Lafayette College
The College of New Jersey
Sussex County Community College
Centenary College of New Jersey

Lafayette College

Lafayette College fosters a drug free environment by providing year round drug and alcohol support services to students. Their peer education group, the Lafayette Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisor (L-DAPA), educates students about the dangers of substance abuse. Lafayette’s Counseling Center gives substance-using students an opportunity to change and reflect on their behavior through therapy. Students and employees needing short-term treatment can see the on-site physicians and psychologists at the Lafayette College Bailey Health Center.

The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) has an Alcohol and Drug Education Program (ADEP) that teaches students about the consequences using drugs and alcohol. Their CHOICES program consists of a 90-minute group session about alcohol use. They have online tools allowing students to assess their alcohol and marijuana consumption habits. The programs offer interactive feedback and online interventions. TCNJ also offers individual appointments for students to address their substance use issues through the Student Wellness Services. Their Collegiate Recovery Program includes a sober living and learning environment for students in recovery. The Lion’s House offers group support, individual counseling, and a live-in house mentor who provides ongoing care.

Sussex County Community College

Sussex County Community College (SCCC) offers free online alcohol and marijuana evaluations. The SCCC Counseling and Advising Center provides students and faculty with short-term personal counseling services aimed to help with their substance using issues.

Centenary College of New Jersey

The Centenary College of New Jersey has three levels of prevention programs: tertiary steps, secondary prevention, and primary prevention. Tertiary Steps includes two hourly alcohol abuse sessions, on campus counseling services that include personalized treatment plans, and referrals to medical centers. Secondary prevention focuses on the early identification of addiction behaviors and early treatment. Tertiary prevention promotes a healthy lifestyle among non-substance using students. The Centenary College Counseling Center offers a Campus Wide Alcohol Awareness Program once every year, where they talk about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Community Initiatives

Municipal Alliances

Municipal Alliances are community-based volunteer committees with a focus on substance abuse prevention. They host parenting workshops to teach parents how to help their children lead a substance free lifestyle. They also organize drug awareness events where they promote substance free activities and prevention programs. They have a special program where they educate the elderly about drug interaction to prevent harmful side effects.

The Family Guidance Center of Warren County

The Family Guidance Center of Warren County offers an array of outpatient services, crisis intervention programs, and rehabilitation programs. Their Heal, Empower, Rebuild (HER) program helps pregnant and parenting women overcome substance abuse. They also hold mental health and substance abuse counseling sessions at Warren Hills Regional High School and Middle School.

Safe Communities Coalition of Hunterdon and Somerset

The Safe Communities Coalition of Hunterdon and Somerset aims to reduce substance use, prescription medication abuse, underage drinking, and marijuana use in the community. By integrating a Youth Coalition program, they incentivize youngsters to participate in drug awareness and prevention programs.

Vernon Coalition

The Vernon Coalition was developed in the wake of several drug-related deaths in 2010 and aims to educate the community about the dangers of teenage drug and alcohol use. The Vernon Youth Group encourages teenagers to make a difference in their community by promoting a healthier, drug-free life. They work with various schools, host a number of activities, and campaign to stand up against negative influences.

Volunteer Opportunities

Phillipsburg, New Jersey, offers a number of volunteer opportunities where you can help people through their recovery.

Center For Addiction Recovery Education & Success (CARES)

Center For Addiction Recovery Education & Success (CARES)

CARES of Warren County offers volunteer opportunities to teenagers and adults. They strive to help individuals recover from substance use disorders by surrounding them with peer support, educational programs, and sober recreation. They aim to dissociate the stigma from addiction and encourage users to seek treatment.

Community Action Partnership

Community Action Partnership

Work with the Community Action Partnership of Warren County to maintain the fight against drugs and solidify a drug free community. The coalition educates and discourages teenagers about the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

Municipal Alliance Program

Municipal Alliance Program

Volunteer at the municipal alliance program to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse. The State’s Alliance is the country’s largest network of community based anti-drug coalitions. They have a public awareness and anti-stigma campaign where they encourage the community to view addiction in a different light. The Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse hosts annual award ceremonies for exemplary volunteers.

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