Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore provides an ideal lifestyle for individuals recovering from drug or alcohol use disorders. Additionally, government initiatives and nonprofit organizations in the area provide treatment and substance abuse prevention efforts for community residents.

Rehab Centers, NA & AA Meetings in Baltimore

Support groups and nonprofit organizations in Baltimore provide a chance to reach recovery for individuals with substance use disorders. With numerous rehab centers around the city, there are options for those looking for addiction treatment.

For those seeking support or weekly 12-step meetings, AA and NA hold hundreds of meetings, throughout Baltimore, on a weekly basis. See below to find the meeting most suited for you.

News In Baltimore, MD

Why Choose Rehab in Baltimore?

Baseball and Bat


Baltimore is home to the Orioles MLB team and the Ravens NFL team. Oriole Park at Camden Yards is a one-of-a-kind experience for MLB fans, and the Ravens have some of the most passionate supporters in the NFL, making the stadium experience electric. Baltimore is also home to top college lacrosse programs, including those at Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University Maryland.

Museum Tickets

City Culture

Baltimore residents and visitors can find a wide range of activities and experiences in town. The Walters Art Museum is one of the few museums in the world to offer incredible art pieces that range from the third millennium B.C. to the early 20th century. The National Aquarium in Baltimore boasts more than 14 exhibits featuring animals from all over the world. The Inner Harbor area of the city is packed with restaurants and entertainment options that are perfect for the whole family.

Crossed Fork and Knife

Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is arguably the lifeblood of Baltimore and has been since the establishment of the city. The Bay offers fresh seafood, such as crabs and oysters. Recreational opportunities include kayaking and fishing, and the little towns lining the bay provide a welcome escape from the city.

Government Prevention Initiatives

The city and county governments of the Baltimore area work tirelessly to prevent substance abuse in their communities. Furthermore, many government initiatives help individuals dealing with a substance use disorder find treatment.

Health Department of Baltimore Logo

Mayor’s Heroin Treatment and Prevention Task Force

The Mayor’s Heroin Treatment and Prevention Task Force is one of the leading collectives in the fight against the local heroin and opioid epidemic. The task force is responsible for enacting policies and strategies to prevent substance abuse, such as public education campaigns and efforts to change the stigma associated with addiction. The task force has also created a “24/7 treatment-on-demand” facility to help those with substance use disorders receive the help they need when they need it.

Baltimore City Needle Exchange Program Logo

Baltimore City Needle Exchange Program (NEP)

NEP aims to further prevent the spread of infections and diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C by reducing the circulation of unclean and used syringes in the community. The program also helps individuals overcome substance addictions by referring them to the proper treatment services. NEP services are provided at 16 locations during 26 time slots per week throughout Baltimore.

Health Department of Baltimore Logo

Staying Alive Drug Overdose Prevention and Response Plan

The Staying Alive Drug Overdose Prevention and Response Plan endeavors to save residents from overdose and substance abuse through a number of efforts, including educating the public about and distributing Naloxone, providing information on abuse and drug overdose and training for cases of opioid overdose.

Baltimore County Department of Health Logo

Baltimore County Substance Use Prevention Services

Baltimore County provides a wide array of substance abuse prevention services designed to support all members of the community. Some of these services include educational programs on active parenting, techniques to improve behavior, drug education classes, peer education groups and more.

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College Services

Baltimore, Maryland, is home to universities committed to ensuring that students, staff and faculty maintain positive physical and mental health. These institutions also work with addicted or at-risk individuals to guide them through their substance use problems.

Towson University
Loyola University Maryland
Morgan State University
John Hopkins University

Towson University Counseling Center

The Counseling Center at Towson University provides personal counseling, group counseling and a number of other services for students, faculty and staff, including alcohol and drug-related counseling services. All group therapy is free and open to undergraduate and graduate students, and most other services are free to students as well.

Loyola University Maryland

Individual and group counseling is available for students through the Counseling Center and can help students deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, eating disorders and more. Additionally, services for drug and alcohol abuse are available through the Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion.

Morgan State University

Students at Morgan State University have a number of support services available to them through the university counseling center. Individual counseling offers students the opportunity to talk to a trained professional about a variety of concerns, including substance abuse related issues. Students may also receive walk-in consultations and group counseling for specific concerns such as anger management, cultural problems, single-parent support and more.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University’s Homewood Student Affairs Counseling Center offers personalized care, crisis services, group care and a number of other services for students. One-on-one and group therapy are available free of charge to students. The center also offers self-help assessments for alcohol use (e-CHUG) and resources for friends, family and faculty who are concerned about a student’s alcohol or substance use.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The UMBC Counseling Center offers individual counseling, couples counseling, and group counseling for students. Additionally, the Self-Development Center at the Counseling Center offers students educational materials on topics such as anger management, mental health, sexuality, stress management, and substance abuse.

Support Groups and Nonprofits

Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Inc.

This nonprofit organization strives to advance behavioral health and wellness in Baltimore by supporting prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery efforts in the community. Through the development of an efficient and responsive system, the organization addresses mental health and substance use disorders in the community.

Dayspring Programs, Inc.

Dayspring is a nonprofit organization that serves homeless children and families affected by substance use disorders. Dayspring provides long-term residential housing and certified addiction counselors who treat substance abuse through individual and group therapy. Dayspring also offers other support services to assists with primary needs, such as food and life responsibilities.

Johns Hopkins Centro SOL

This nonprofit organization promotes equity in health and opportunity for Latinos by advancing clinical care, research, education and advocacy. The organization also provides support groups for Latinos who otherwise would have difficulty accessing the proper resources for anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance use disorders.

Eastern Family Resource Center

The Eastern Family Resource Center offers specialized substance abuse services for adolescents in association with the Baltimore County Department of Health. These include substance use assessments by certified professionals, referrals to nearby rehab facilities for appropriate care, substance abuse education and prevention and additional help for Baltimore County Public School students who have been expelled for drug-related incidents. The center is conveniently located for Baltimore area residents and is less than 25 minutes from downtown Baltimore.

Volunteer in Baltimore

Shelters and nonprofit organizations in Baltimore, Maryland, provide a variety of services to the less fortunate. Through volunteer opportunities, you can give back to others who may be struggling with substance abuse.



AIRS was founded in 1987 by the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council to provide housing and support to men with AIDS. Today AIRS provides housing assistance and services for youth at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, drug use and crime in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. At the Don Miller Homes, volunteers are needed for companionship, escorting residents on outings, meal preparation, and housekeeping. Other AIRS programs welcome volunteers for tutoring, event planning, and administrative projects. Volunteer training is provided by the organization.

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore Logo

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore

This faith-based organization provides a number of services, including meals for the homeless, transitional housing, child and family services, substance abuse treatment, and more. Volunteers are needed in all areas, giving people the chance to give back in a way of their choosing.

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