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Trey Dyer

About Trey

Trey Dyer joined as a writer and researcher in 2015. Drawing from his own personal experience with drug addiction in his family and a deep desire to help those in need, Trey hopes he can provide valuable resources for people struggling with drug addiction.

Trey started his writing career as a sports writer, covering high school sports in the Washington, D.C., area while in college. After earning a degree in journalism from American University, Trey worked covering college football and managing athletic events for a number of sports organizations before making the move to

  • Trey attended American University in Washington, D.C.
  • When Trey is not writing, he guides paddleboard charters on the waterways of Florida.
  • Trey started his writing career as a sports reporter covering college football.
  • Trey is an avid fly fisherman and hopes to own a fly fishing travel guide service one day.

When Trey is not writing, he can be found fly fishing the saltwater flats and nearshore waters of Florida, enjoying the outdoors and rooting for the Florida Gators football team.

Who am I calling?

Calls will be answered by a qualified, admissions representative with Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS), the owners of We look forward to helping you!

Who am I calling?

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