#1WeekNoDrink: Sober Senorita, Miracles Are Brewing Host Digital Sober Challenge

Are you a frequent drinker? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go a week without drinking? Have you considered giving up drinking altogether? If so, the #1WeekNoDrink Challenge could be for you!

Carly Benson of Miraclesarebrewing.com and Kelly Fitzgerald, the Sober Senorita, have teamed up to host the #1WeekNoDrink Challenge, inviting their social media followers to go one full week without drinking.

Benson and Fitzgerald recently released an e-book titled “How to Quit Drinking” that offers personal stories and advice on getting and staying sober. The e-book is available on their websites and has already received hundreds of downloads.

Benson says the #1WeekNoDrink Challenge is the next step in helping their followers reach recovery.

“We just decided to do this free challenge as an extension of the e-book,” Benson told DrugRehab.com. “For us it’s a matter of doing it, taking action and trying to be of service, really trying to help as many people as possible. That’s what we’re both about.”

The #1WeekNoDrink Challenge — which coincides with Alcohol Awareness Month — started on Monday, April 10 and ends on Monday, April 17. Benson says the challenge is open to anyone, from people who may be “sober curious,” as Benson calls them, to people who are already in long-term recovery from alcohol addiction.

To join the challenge, simply sign up for the #1WeekNoDrink Challenge newsletter on Facebook or by visiting the Miracles are Brewing website.

More than 100 people have already signed up, and Benson said they are expecting that number to rise.

By signing up for the newsletter, challenge participants will receive support from Benson and Fitzgerald through daily messages that will support challengers during their week without alcohol. Benson says the newsletter will keep participants on track for the week and focused on sobriety.

“We’re going to be sending out a daily email with prompts to think about for that day, things to reflect on, things to journal about, things to take action on,” said Benson.

The newsletter will also include motivational quotes to encourage positive thinking throughout the week.

Facebook and other social media channels give Benson and Fitzgerald the opportunity to interact with people through live chats and posts specific to the challenge. Benson said social media gives their followers more direct access to her and Fitzgerald for support.

“We want to hold people’s hands,” said Benson. “We want to be there to answer questions and offer guidance and really engage with people as they have questions and things come up.”

Challengers can win t-shirts and memorabilia from Benson’s and Fitzgerald’s websites.

Recovery in the Digital Age

Benson and Fitzgerald see the internet as the ultimate platform to promote sobriety. Both have become prominent in the recovery community through their online work.

The #1WeekNoDrink Challenge is not only a way to encourage people to abstain from drinking but also a way to unite like-minded sober individuals through an online community.

Forming relationships online with other people who are sober is special to Benson and Fitzgerald, who actually met online and developed a friendship through sober blogging. They hope the challenge is an opportunity for people in recovery to form similar relationships and encourage challengers to use the hashtag #1WeekNoDrink on social media to connect with others.

“We want the people who feel comfortable being public about it to get involved and use the hashtag,” said Benson. “Then they’ll be able to find other people on places like Instagram who are participating, too. They can become friends the way Kelly and I became friends. We want to foster more online friendships.”

The challenge is another step in Benson’s and Fitzgerald’s efforts to grow the web-based recovery movement, which will have a greater impact as more people learn about the online sober community.

“They are not alone. There’s a whole community of people who are doing this,” said Benson. “There is a huge, massive sober movement going on.”

Benson and Fitzgerald hope that by the end of the week the challenge will have created a group of people who can come together and support each other though friendship.

“There will be a tribe people of when it’s all said and done who went through this together,” said Benson. “Hopefully people stay in touch using the events or [social media].”

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