Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Sober

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, chances are green beer comes to mind. This day did not originate as a drinking holiday, yet you may find it challenging to enjoy the festivities without having a drink at the local pub. Not to worry. You can participate in many St. Patrick’s Day activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol.

Celebrate Irish Traditions

On March 17, make sure you wear green. It’s a simple way to get into the holiday spirit and avoid getting pinched. People may be drinking in the streets, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Check out the events in your area, such as local St. Patrick’s Day parades or Irish art and music festivals. These events can be entertaining and allow you appreciate Irish heritage without it negatively impacting your recovery.

Speaking of heritage, take time to read up on Ireland and find out if you have any Irish ancestors. Visit your local library or an online resource to see if your family roots lead you back to Ireland. Learning more about the Irish culture can give St. Patrick’s Day a whole new meaning.

Host a Sober Party

Have fun with your friends on St. Patrick’s Day without putting your recovery at risk. Remove yourself from drinking environments and host your own celebration. Inform guests that there will be no drugs or alcohol. Think about hosting the party early so those who associate the day with alcohol consumption can imbibe later. When the party is over, consider attending AA or another support group meeting if you feel you need extra strength getting through the day.

Since the traditional alcoholic beverages will not be served at your party, let food take center stage instead. Include traditional Irish food options, such as corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread or a delicious Irish stew.

Your celebration should include fun activities. Skip drinking games, and play Irish-themed games everyone can enjoy. How about St. Patrick’s Day trivia or a contest for the best alcohol-free green drink or food item?

Consider Nonalcoholic Beverages

It is your decision to consume nonalcoholic drinks while in recovery. If you want to celebrate this holiday with friends at a party, consider nonalcoholic versions of popular green cocktails. Although for some they can be a slippery slope, nonalcoholic beverages can also be effective in overcoming addiction and won’t leave you with a hangover. Here are a couple of St. Patrick’s Day-themed drinks you can try.

Shamrock Shake

For fans of the mint-flavored drink, McDonald’s has created four new variations of this classic shake to satisfy your taste buds. Whether from a fast-food establishment or your own kitchen, this creamy drink can satisfy your thirst and help get you in the holiday spirit.

Honeydew Cucumber Mojito

Martha Stewart’s nonalcoholic mojito is a refreshing concoction of cucumber slices, mint leaves and club soda that is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. You can learn how to make your own nonalcoholic mojito here.

Create Your Own Drink

Stir up your own luck-of-the-Irish drink. Add a little flavor to ginger ale or Sprite with lime juice, green Kool-Aid, green apples or sherbet. Mix and match these ingredients to make something everyone can enjoy.

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