Starting the Conversation About Drugs and Alcohol

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What is Real Talk?

Real Talk offers students a unique opportunity to hear Miss Florida 2017 Sara Zeng discuss the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and provides a safe environment where students can engage with her about the challenges they face daily.

Who is it for?

Real Talk was created to educate high school students in Florida about the dangers of substance abuse. This year, Miss Florida will present at college campuses as well. Rather than focusing on statistics and graphs, which are often meaningless to teens, Real Talk’s intention is to speak honestly about the reality of drug and alcohol abuse. We also want to empower those who are struggling with addiction to come forward and seek help safely and confidentially.

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Real Talk has reached 5,300 students and counting

Can I Bring Real Talk to My School?

Yes, we would love to speak at your school. Our goal is to diminish the impact of substance abuse and addiction on college students. If your high school or college is in the state of Florida and would like to host a Real Talk presentation, please reach out to us today.

High School Building

Meet the host: Sara Zeng

Sara Zeng, Miss Florida 2017

Sara graduated from Florida State University in 2017 with a degree in music education and plans to pursue a career teaching children about music. Sara is an incredibly talented piano player and uses her platform Music Matters! to spread the importance of music across the state. She won the 2017 Miss Florida honors in July after competing with 46 other young women from the state of Florida for the title. As 2017 Miss Florida, Sara will travel the state visiting high school and college students to educate them on the risks of substance abuse and addiction.

Our Partners

Advanced Recovery Systems

Advanced Recovery Systems

Advanced Recovery Systems is an integrated behavioral health care management organization committed to helping its clients achieve long-term recovery from addiction, eating disorders and mental illnesses, such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The physicians and staff at ARS facilities provide personalized, confidential and effective care at every stage of the rehabilitation process. is an educational website that provides information about addiction-related topics, including the science behind addiction, evidence-based treatment options and recovery resources. Our mission is to equip people battling substance use disorders with up-to-date news and tools for a successful recovery and a substance-free future.

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Real Talk is partially based on the research of Michael Dunn, Ph.D., and Thomas Hall, Ph.D., from the University of Central Florida. Their Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ is the first classroom-based prevention program that specifically and systematically challenges students’ beliefs about the effects of drinking alcohol. The ALC has been presented across the United States to thousands of students and has been recognized by SAMHSA and the U.S. Department of Education as an effective, evidence-based prevention program.

Miss Florida

Miss Florida

The Miss Florida Organization is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to empowering young women to achieve their personal, professional, and educational goals. The Miss Florida Organization provides young women with an opportunity to further their goals and instill a spirit of community service through a variety of statewide community-based programs.

Past Real Talk Speakers

University of Central Florida

Courtney Sexton, Miss Florida 2016

Courtney Sexton represented Orlando in the 2016 Miss Florida pageant and won the title on July 2, 2016. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and now works for the HCI Group, a health care IT consulting firm based in Florida. As Miss Florida, Courtney visited 23 middle and high schools across the state to spread Real Talk's message about the dangers of substance abuse and addiction. Courtney says that her time presenting the Real Talk program was incredibly rewarding and that she loved connecting with students.


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