Best Rehab Centers in Florida

The best rehab facilities in Florida provide a wide array of services to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders. They offer varying levels of care to help people in all stages of recovery. They also possess licenses from the state of Florida and accreditation from reputable organizations.

All addiction treatment facilities must be licensed by the state of Florida’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office through the Department of Children and Families. But licensure is the minimum standard for substance abuse treatment.

Reputable organizations, such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, the Council on Accreditation and The Joint Commission, accredit rehab facilities that meet high standards for quality of care. These facilities comprise 10 of the best drug rehab centers in Florida.

Orlando Recovery Center

Orlando, Florida

The Orlando Recovery Center’s addiction treatment program includes six levels of care, starting with detox and ending with outpatient therapy. In addition to treating alcohol and drug addiction, the facility provides a full continuum of care for individuals with co-occurring disorders and other related health conditions.

The Orlando Recovery Center’s licenses and accreditations include:

The staff at the Orlando Recovery Center includes a triple board certified physician, masters-level therapists and counselors, nurses, behavioral health technicians, dieticians and case managers. The 93–bed facility provides comprehensive aftercare planning and can help clients transition into sober living environments.

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Disclaimer: Advanced Recovery Systems, the owner and operator of, owns and operates the Orlando Recovery Center.

The Recovery Village Umatilla

Umatilla, Florida

The Recovery Village Umatilla offers a variety of treatment services, including detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programming and intensive outpatient therapy. The facility also offers sober housing and aftercare support.

The rehab center possesses the following licenses and accreditations:

Therapists at The Recovery Village Umatilla use evidence-based therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. The facility also offers complementary therapies, such as equine therapy, yoga therapy and massage therapy.

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Disclaimer: Advanced Recovery Systems, the owner and operator of, owns and operates The Recovery Village Umatilla.

Next Generation Village

Sebring, Florida

Next Generation Village is an adolescent rehab facility that provides specialized addiction treatment for teens ages 13 to 17. The staff includes a doctor of osteopathic medicine, a clinical director, five full-time therapists and six per diem therapists.

Next Generation Village has received licenses and accreditations from the following organizations:

In addition to comprehensive residential and outpatient treatment, Next Generation Village offers yoga therapy, equine therapy and art therapy. The campus includes an outdoor pool, a sand volleyball court and lakefront views.

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Gateway Community Services

Jacksonville, Florida

Gateway Community Services provides residential rehab, outpatient therapy and recovery housing. It also offers programs for specific populations, including adolescents and pregnant or postpartum women. Types of therapy include dual-diagnosis services, medication management and trauma counseling.

Gateway has the following licenses and accreditations:

It’s the only nonprofit 30-bed medical detox facility in Northeast Florida. It has a staff of more than 200 doctors, therapists, counselors, social workers and other addiction professionals. Gateway has also been recognized by the Florida Department of Children and Families for exemplary treatment for unique populations.

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Tampa, Florida

DACCO provides three types of medication-assisted treatment programs, including methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol services. It also offers adult inpatient and outpatient services with varying levels of care. Adolescent services include an intensive outpatient program and a standard outpatient program.

DACCO has the following licenses and accreditations:

The men’s residential treatment program has 132 beds, and men sleep in four large dorm areas. The women’s residential treatment program has 88 beds, and women sleep in small dorm areas. Pregnant and postpartum women can also qualify for family housing during residential treatment.

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Harbor Village

Miami, Florida

Harbor Village has programs for detoxification and inpatient and outpatient treatment. It also operates sober living homes. Therapy programs are personalized and may include group dynamic therapy, meditation and yoga.

Harbor Village’s licenses and accreditations include:

The facility has semi-private bedrooms and access to a spa, a salon and a gym. The staff includes a medical director, a clinical director, case managers, nurses, therapists and behavioral techs.

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Palm Beach Institute

West Palm Beach, Florida

Since 1970, the Palm Beach Institute has offered addiction treatment in South Florida. The facility provides medically assisted detox, inpatient rehab, a family program and an alumni program. The latter program helps clients complete job applications and find employment and housing.

The Palm Beach Institute’s licenses and accreditations include:

The Palm Beach Institute also offers a 12-step living program that provides aftercare services.

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White Sands Treatment

Fort Myers, Florida

White Sands Treatment provides a full continuum care, including medical detox, residential rehab, partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient therapy. Plans can include dual diagnosis treatment, family therapy and alternative treatments.

White Sands Treatment possesses licenses and accreditations from:

The staff at White Sands Treatment is composed of board-certified doctors, psychiatrists, masters-level psychologists, counselors and directors. Amenities include swimming pools, a spa, a massage room, a yoga center, a fitness center and an art therapy program.

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Meridian Behavioral Health Care

Gainesville, Florida

Meridian Behavioral Health delivers crisis services, long-term rehab, outpatient services and outreach in north central Florida. Inpatient treatment includes 20 hours of programming per week that addresses substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders.

Meridian’s licenses and accreditations include:

Types of therapy provided include counseling, group therapy, case management and employment services. The behavioral health provider also offers medication-assisted treatment to qualified clients.

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DISC Village

Tallahassee, Florida

DISC Village is a nonprofit treatment provider that specializes in treating individuals with involvement in the criminal justice system. The organization provides residential treatment and outpatient services to adults. It also has specialized inpatient programs for males ages 14 to 18 and for females ages 18 and older who may be pregnant or postpartum.

DISC Village’s licenses and accreditations include:

The treatment center specializes in re-entry and aftercare services to reduce rates of relapse and recidivism. It works closely with the state’s attorney office, public defender and the Leon County jail when clients are referred to the facility for substance abuse treatment.

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The top drug rehab facilities in Florida offer a range of support and treatment services to clients from diverse backgrounds. Many facilities offer specialized services for unique populations. The facilities possess licenses and accreditations, and they have reputations that set them apart from other treatment providers.