Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is home to numerous support groups and treatment facilities to assist you in your substance recovery journey. Through prevention and action programs, local government and communities strive to rid Cincinnati of substance use.

Rehab Facilities, AA & NA Meetings in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to several AA and NA support groups, where residents will have the opportunity to share their recovery experiences and receive support from others in similar situations. Wherever you are in the city, support is only a short distance away.

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Why Choose Rehab in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati is famous for food and baseball. Enjoy the array of indoor and outdoor activities and visit famous museums while you receive treatment for substance abuse in Cincinnati.

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With more than 65,000 works on display, the Cincinnati Art Museum is an ideal place for a lover of the arts. The museum not only hosts several renowned exhibitions but also has an abundance of art-related programs and activities for you to enjoy. Another option is the Taft Museum of Art, which offers a vast collection of European and American paintings, Chinese porcelains and European decorative arts.

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Home of the Cincinnati Reds, Great American Ball Park offers guided tours of several locations in the ballpark, such as the Press Box, Crosley Terrace and the FOX Sports Ohio Champions Club. While visiting the ballpark, you can go to the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum and view 10 galleries full of memorabilia and exhibits celebrating the history of the Cincinnati Reds.

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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden houses a variety of captivating animals and plants. You can feed giraffes, watch cheetahs run or admire the unique blend of gardens and landscapes. You can also enjoy a relaxing train ride around the zoo or catch a 4-D movie. The zoo’s 4-D experiences feature short films that will transport you into a unique world. If you get hungry during your trek, the zoo provides diverse food and snack options.

Government Initiatives

The governments of Hamilton, Butler and Warren counties are joining forces to educate their residents about drug addiction. They also aim to reduce substance use by providing adequate support and resources.

Start Talking

Start Talking!

Start Talking! is an initiative by the government of Ohio that equips parents, guardians, educators and community leaders with the necessary tools to talk to adolescents about substance abuse. Its programs include Parents360 Rx, Know! and 5 Minutes for Life.

Parents360 Rx

Parents360 Rx

Parents360 Rx focuses on preventing the abuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Events teach adults about the various facets of substance use and addresses effective ways to talk to young people about drug abuse. The Parents360 Rx action toolkit contains a video of five families who struggled with medicine abuse, a discussion guide and other helpful tools. Adults are encouraged to discuss substance-use themes and issues presented in the video.

Know education and prevention


Know! is an education and prevention initiative that sends parents and other caregivers emails twice a month with facts about alcohol, drugs and tobacco. The purpose of the emails is to increase awareness and knowledge about substance use and to encourage conversations between adults and youth.

5 Minutes for Life

5 Minutes for Life

5 Minutes for Life is devoted to eliminating substance use among students. The program consists of law enforcement members holding five-minute conversations with student leaders about good decision-making skills and healthy choices regarding substance use. The students then relay the key points of the message to their schools.

5 Minutes for Life

Drug-Free Action Alliance

Drug-Free Action Alliance is devoted to preventing drug and alcohol use with education. Through its Parents Who Host, Lose The Most campaign, the alliance aims to reduce the incidence of underage drinking. It also provides assistance and early intervention services to colleges in an effort to reduce drug and alcohol use among college students.

Cincinnati Community Preventive Program

Community Preventive Education Program

The Community Preventive Education Program is a Cincinnati Police Department initiative dedicated to funding effective substance abuse prevention and educational programs around Cincinnati. Its goal is to educate adults and children about the dangers of substances of abuse.

Cincinnati Community Preventive Program

Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force

Created by the Hamilton County Association of Chiefs of Police, the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force is responsible for targeting heroin dealers to stop the problem at the source. The task force is in charge of prosecuting heroin dealers and working together with law enforcement agencies to combat the growing heroin epidemic in Ohio.

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cincinnati college

College Services

Colleges in Cincinnati are committed to helping students cope with their substance use disorders. They provide multiple resources, including in-house counseling and prevention services, to fight drug and alcohol abuse on campus.

University Of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati’s Substance Use Assessment Counseling and Intervention Program helps students through their drug and alcohol issues. It assesses risk factors that can lead to problematic behaviors and reinforces students’ decision-making skills to curb those behaviors. The program starts with Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS), a two-session program that identifies the patterns of the student’s alcohol use and provides assessments of the risk for continued alcohol problems.

After the assessment, students receive follow-up help based on the severity of their alcohol problem. The Student Wellness Center offers the Alcohol Skills Building and Education Program (ASEP), which aims to change student perspectives on alcohol use and to promote a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

If the alcohol problems are more severe, students can receive Extended Alcohol and other Drug Services (EADS) through Counseling & Psychological Services. EADS comprises a minimum of five individual counseling sessions and five group counseling sessions.

Xavier University

Xavier University

Xavier University provides counseling and referral services for alcohol and drug-related issues through Xavier Wellness Services. It runs individual or group workshops educating and training student about drugs and alcohol. Xavier University also offers an Alcohol and Other Drug prevention program and hosts several student organizations working on substance abuse prevention.

Xavier University

Mount St. Joseph University

The licensed mental health providers at Mount St. Joseph University’s Wellness Center offer drug and alcohol assessments to students. The Wellness Center also provides individual counseling and referrals for students in need of more intensive drug and alcohol treatment.

Xavier University

University of Dayton

The University of Dayton has an Alcohol Skills Training Program dedicated to teaching students to make healthy choices about their drinking habits. Students are separated into same-sex groups, and the program includes two hour-long sessions.

The university also has an intensive substance abuse education program, which acts as a drug and alcohol intervention series. The Substance Education Program is an eight-hour Saturday program that combines group and individual sessions and counts toward court-mandated sanctions. The university also offers professional drug and alcohol assessments monitored by a licensed chemical dependency counselor. The assessments help determine whether the student needs a referral to more specialized treatment.

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Community Initiatives

The residents of Cincinnati understand the importance of combatting drug and alcohol use. Through diverse initiatives, community organizations aim to educate the community about the health risks of drugs and prevent future substance use.

Inject Hope community coalition

The Inject Hope Regional Collaborative

Inject Hope is a coalition of community leaders in Southwest Ohio, devoted to fighting the growing heroin and opiate epidemic. The collaborative focuses on educating the public about substance use prevention and work toward providing easy access to drug and alcohol treatment. Inject Hope, in collaboration with 10 counties, aims to lower the incidence of fatal overdoses, control the supply of opioids and provide services to individuals in need of substance abuse treatment.

Cincinnati Exchange Project

Cincinnati Exchange Project

The Cincinnati Exchange Project (CEP) strives to educate the drug-injecting community about making responsible decisions while encouraging them to seek drug treatment. CEP is a syringe exchange program that offers free HIV and hepatitis C testing during any visit. The project also provides referrals to appropriate follow-up treatment. In addition to the services provided, CEP distributes naloxone upon availability.

Prevention First

Prevention First

PreventionFIRST! strives to promote safe and healthy behaviors among Cincinnati residents. Through data analysis and prevention measures, the coalition guides the youth of Greater Cincinnati to make healthy decisions about substances of abuse. They offer prevention education sessions and prevention training for community residents and leaders interested in bolstering local drug prevention efforts.

Volunteer Opportunities

Cincinnati has various volunteer opportunities for those who want to help people recover from substance use disorders.


Talbert House

Volunteering at Talbert House gives you the opportunity to support people in recovery from substance abuse in the Cincinnati area. You will be able to choose from the five lines of services, including adult and youth behavioral health, community care, courts and corrections, and housing. Talbert House’s ambassador program promotes its mission through volunteering, fundraising and advocacy.


Healthy Visions

Healthy Visions encourages adolescents to make better life choices, including those related to substance use, eating disorders and other harmful behaviors. The organization aims to help students understand the negative consequences of drug abuse. You can volunteer to help with administrative duties or to become a speaker, promoting healthy life choices.

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