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Alcohol and drug rehab centers in the Rochester, New York, area can help you overcome addiction. Find the treatment you need to begin your life in recovery.

Rehab Centers, AA & NA Meetings in Rochester

There are several certified addiction treatment centers in Monroe County, New York, that provide safe, proven treatments for alcohol and drug addiction. Support groups throughout the Rochester area can also support recovery efforts.

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Monroe County Treatment and Referral Programs

The city of Rochester and Monroe County provide services to help citizens with substance use disorders access treatment and recovery resources.

Monroe County Office of Mental Health

The Monroe County Office of Mental Health supports treatment providers and other programs to help individuals affected by addiction live healthy lives. The office supports crisis intervention services, inpatient and outpatient programs, housing services and vocational programs. It also directs families and individuals to appropriate resources in the community.

Monroe County Drug Court

The Monroe County court system provides treatment programs to individuals with substance use disorders who are accused of nonviolent, drug-related offenses. The Monroe County Drug Court works with behavioral health providers in the community to help participants achieve a safe and healthy recovery. Between 50 and 90 people graduate from Monroe County drug court each month.

“My whole goal in life is to get them better and keep them out of jail,” Monroe County Drug Court Judge Jack Elliott told WHAM.

“They want to see you succeed in life and in the community,” Monroe County Drug Court graduate Chris Lopresti told TCV News. “It’s amazing. With the constant support of the people around me and in this program, it was a recipe for success.”

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Treatment and Referral Programs for College Students

Colleges and universities in Monroe County provide counseling services for students experiencing problems with substance abuse or addiction.

Counseling and therapy at universities in the Rochester area include psychological assessments, brief individual counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention services, outreach services and educational programing.

Schools that offer these services

  1. The University of Rochester’s University Counseling Center
  2. The Rochester Institute of Technology’s Counseling and Psychological Services
  3. Monroe Community College’s Counseling Center
  4. The College at Brockport’s Hazen Center for Integrated Care

On-campus services are free for students, and the counseling centers provide referrals to behavioral health care providers in the community for long-term or more intensive care.

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Recovery Resources

After receiving treatment for addiction, people in recovery need support. You’re less likely to relapse if you find a safe place to live, employment and healthy things to do. Rochester is home to a variety of resources and activities to aid your recovery.

Sober Living Environments Near Rochester

Sober living homes and halfway houses provide safe places to live in a person’s initial months or years after treatment. They provide a stable home environment, peer support and a home that’s free of alcohol and drug use.

Steppingstone Supportive Living Sober House
  • • Women only, but children are allowed
  • • Certified counselors and therapists
  • • Individual and group counseling
  • • Skill-building workshops
  • • Vocational training referrals
East House Apartment Sober Living House
  • • Evaluations and treatment options
  • • Medication management services
  • • On-site counseling
  • • Work training programs
  • • Case management services
Pathway Houses of Rochester Sober Living House
  • • Education and employment initiatives
  • • Life skills programs
  • • Counseling services
  • • Close proximity to support groups and health providers

Vocational Training and Continuing Education in Rochester

Rochester is home to numerous employment agencies, learning centers and training programs to help individuals in recovery further their education and find employment.

Sober Activities

People in recovery from addiction often have trouble finding drug-free things to do in their free time because alcohol or other drugs used to consume their lives. Finding safe ways to enjoy life is important for long-lasting recovery.

If you’re interested in sports, you can go to Frontier Field to see the Rochester Red Wings play baseball. Or visit Blue Cross Arena to see the Rochester Americans play hockey, the Rochester Razorsharks play basketball or the Rochester Knighthawks play lacrosse.

Other safe places for drug-free activities in Rochester are plentiful. The city is home to outdoor sites such as the Seabreeze Amusement Park, Seneca Park Zoo, Ontario Beach Park, Charlotte Pier and the City of Rochester Public Market. Indoor destinations include the Geva Theatre Center and the Strong National Museum of Play.

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Drug Trends in Monroe County, New York

Opioids, such as heroin and prescription painkillers, have become a growing problem in the Rochester area. In 2015, 95 people died heroin-related deaths in Monroe County. By June of 2016, law enforcement said the area was on pace for 150 deaths, according to WHAM.

“This is an epidemic facing our community and it really is heart breaking to see this devastation this drug, and combination of drugs, is causing,” Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn said at a 2016 press conference.

The prevalence of other drug use in the area is comparable to the state average. In the past month, 8 percent of residents said they smoked marijuana, 16 percent reported smoking cigarettes and 17 percent reported binge drinking, according to the most recent Monroe County Adult Health Survey conducted in 2012.

Monroe County Youth Risk Behavior Survey

The 2014–2015 Monroe County Youth Risk Behavior Survey analyzed the substance abuse trends among 15 school districts in the county.

Past-month results included:

of high schoolers drank alcohol
of high schoolers smoked tobacco or e-cigarettes.
of high schoolers consumed marijuana.
of high schoolers admitted to binge drinking.
of high schoolers had ever tried heroin.
had ever used over-the-counter drugs to get high.
had once taken a prescription pill that was prescribed to someone else.
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Prevention & Awareness Programs Near Rochester

The Rochester community has created numerous coalitions and nonprofit organizations to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs and to promote healthy lifestyles.

STOP-DWI Program

STOP-DWI Program

The Monroe County STOP-DWI Program raises awareness about the dangers associated with impaired driving, and it supports numerous community-based organizations and events dedicated to preventing impaired driving. It also hosts a speaker’s bureau that travels to schools to speak about driving under the influence.

National Council on Alcoholism

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-Rochester Area

The NCADD-RA provides substance abuse and gambling prevention services through educational programs, advocacy initiatives and referral services. The goal of the organization is to change social norms to reduce problematic behavior that could lead to addiction.

Pittsford Alliance for Substance-Free Youth

Pittsford Alliance for Substance-Free Youth

The Pittsford Alliance for Substance-Free Youth is composed of community members, educators and town leaders who strive to promote healthy youth development in Pittsford. The organization educates parents and teaches youth to avoid alcohol and other drugs.

HEART Coalition

HEART Coalition for a Drug Free Rochester

The HEART Coalition for a Drug Free Rochester comprises various organizations that collaborate to reduce substance abuse among adolescents and their families. The coalition encourages healthy activities and offers educational campaigns and life skill development workshops.

Fairport-Perinton Chemical Prevention Advisory Committee

Fairport-Perinton Chemical Prevention Advisory Committee

The Fairport-Perinton Chemical Prevention Advisory Council was created through a Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act grant in 1988. The organization aims to reduce alcohol and other drug use by educating parents, promoting healthy behaviors and empowering youth.

PUEDO Coalition

PUEDO Coalition

The Prevention, Unity, Education, Decision, Pride Coalition strives to reduce substance abuse among the Hispanic community in Monroe County. The organization uses research-based programs to educate and promote healthy resources for the community.



The Hilton Parma Drug Intervention & Community Education coalition serves the west side of Monroe County. HPDICE raises awareness about substance abuse issues and reduces stigma associated with addiction through a variety of strategies.

NAMI Rochester

NAMI Rochester

The goal of NAMI Rochester is to educate the community about a range of mental health issues and to support families affected by mental illness. The nonprofit hosts several awareness and educational events in Monroe County, and it provides resources for the community.

Mental Health Association of Rochester/Monroe County

Mental Health Association of Rochester/Monroe County

The Mental Health Association of Rochester/Monroe County provides several services to promote mental well-being. The organization offers educational programs, employment services, family support, life skills training, peer support and self-help services.

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