Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Salem, Oregon

Salem offers a beautiful and relaxing area to receive treatment in. Learn about the initiatives Marion and Polk counties are taking to prevent drug addiction and help people live a substance free life.

Rehab Centers, NA & AA Meetings in Salem

Marion and Polk counties work together to educate the community on the dangers of alcohol and drugs. They also contain numerous addiction rehab facilities for those looking for addiction or mental health treatment.

You can also find Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous throughout Marion County and Polk County, Oregon. These groups and others meet regularly. You can find the right support group to help you in your pursuit of a substance-free life.

News In Salem, OR

Why Choose Rehab in Salem?

Museum Ticket

Art & Culture

Immerse yourself in Oregon’s third largest art museum, the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, where you can find a diverse collection of art from multiple eras. Catch a rock concert, Broadway show or ballet performance at the Elsinore Theatre, or admire the architecture of the Oregon State Capitol while exploring the state’s history.


Explore Nature

Allow nature to help you on your road to recovery. Take a hike in the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge where you can observe birds and other animals in nature. The waters of the Willamette River offer a variety of activities, including kayaking, fishing and hiking. Admire the beautiful waterfalls of the Silver Falls State Park and spend a night camping in the wild.

Food Cart

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Salem is known as the Cherry City. Visit the Cherry Country Orchard and Chocolate Factory and enjoy some of the delicacies. Turn your recreational time into a food adventure by eating your way through the Willamette Valley Cheese Company, the Pacific Hazelnut Candy Factory and the Willamette Valley Pie Company.

Government Initiatives

The local government of Marion County, Oregon focuses on awareness and prevention programs while providing resources for people suffering from addiction.

Marion County Alcohol & Drug Prevention Program

Marion County Alcohol & Drug Prevention Program

Marion County Alcohol & Drug Prevention Program educates young people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and offers them developmental opportunities. The organization partners with support groups to mobilize the community against substance abuse.

Polk County Addiction Services

Polk County Addiction Services provides outpatient treatment services for teenagers, adults and families. Clinicians oversee programs tailored to specific individual needs. The organization assesses people for substance abuse and gambling disorders as well as co-occurring mental health disorders.

Rx Drug Drop Box

Rx Drug Drop Box

In an effort to deter the abuse of prescription medicine, the Salem Police Department offers a prescription drug drop box where residents can drop off their unused or unneeded prescription medications. These include expired prescription drugs, unknown tablets or capsules, and veterinary medications.

Local Addiction Prevention and Planning Committee

Polk County’s Local Addiction Prevention and Planning Committee is an advisory board that encourages the community to support programs and services promoting a substance-free life. The goal of the committee is to identify ongoing issues in substance use prevention, and their monthly meeting is open to the community.

Woodburn Services

Woodburn Services

The Marion County Health Department partners with Woodburn to offer a variety of early intervention services. The department offers adult mental health programs, outpatient alcohol and drug treatment services, and children’s behavioral health programs. They also have a Latino Outreach Program to help overcome the language barrier and ensure all members of the community can access the counseling and treatment they need.

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College Services

Colleges near Salem, Oregon, understand the critical importance of tackling addiction issues. They host several counseling sessions and provide different treatment options to students, employees and members of the community. They also offer referral lists to those in need of substance abuse treatment.

Willamette University
Chemeketa Community College
Corban University
West Oregon University

Willamette University

Willamette University offers yearly educational material to students and staff, describing the consequences of using drugs and the counseling and treatment options offered. This includes a comprehensive guide describing drugs and their side effects. They also offer free professional drug assessments to their students and employees and a free smoking cessation support program.

Chemeketa Community College

The college offers alcohol and drug educational programs. The Advising and Counseling department recommends mental health assessments to students and staff and provides a list of external resources where they can receive proper treatment.

Corban University

Corban University Counseling Services offers confidential drug and alcohol educational programs and group sessions free of charge to students. In addition to substance abuse, groups address eating disorders, stress management and other co-occurring disorders.

West Oregon University

Counseling Services at West Oregon University offer substance abuse and recovery services. These include help and support with alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, and outpatient counseling. They also have support groups and community services.

Community Resources

Marion County Prevention Program

The Marion County Prevention Team sends quarterly newsletters aimed at teaching the community about the risks associated with alcohol and drugs. They focus on a different substance use issue every quarter and advise people on working together to decrease the incidents associated with addiction.

DrxugSafe Project

The DrxugSafe Project is a joint public and private initiative created to raise awareness about prescription drug and heroin abuse in Marion County. By using community resources, the organization strives to eliminate the threat of prescription drug abuse to members of the community and allow Marion County to thrive.

Oregon Together Groups

Through training in prevention science, Oregon Together Groups promote drug and alcohol abstinence by surrounding youth and families with protective factors in the community and diminishing exposure to risk factors that may push people toward drug addiction.

Volunteer Opportunities

Contribute your time to help the members of your community achieve their goal of a substance free life.

Safe Families For Children

Safe Families For Children

Volunteer to host a child while his or her parents seek treatment for their drug addiction issues. Safe Families for Children allows families to get the appropriate treatment without having to worry about their children going into the foster care system.

Community Action Drug Prevention

Community Action Drug Prevention

This organization works with a coalition of nonprofit agencies, government organizations, law enforcement, city, county, and community members to help with alcohol, tobacco, and drug use prevention. Donations and advocates are always welcome. Community Action Drug Prevention operates in the Salem and Keizer areas.

Teen Action Team Initiative

Teen Action Team Initiative

The TAT Initiative encourages teens to participate in fun service learning and leadership opportunities in schools and neighborhoods. They focus on building a strong and connected community by having teens engage in peer to peer advocacy about issues that affect teenagers.

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