Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Eugene, Oregon

The City of Eugene and the Lane County area are focused on helping those with substance addictions and eating disorders reach recovery. Additionally, government-backed initiatives and nonprofit organizations proactively prevent community harm caused by drugs or alcohol.

Rehab Centers, NA & AA Meetings in Eugene

Support groups and nonprofit organizations in Eugene, OR encourage those in recovery to continue to abstain from substance abuse and make healthy life choices. For those who are still seeking inpatient or outpatient treatment options, Eugene and its surrounding areas contain numerous options.

The Eugene and Lane County area are home to hundreds of NA and AA meetings every week, meeting in almost every community in the area. See below to find meetings near you.

News In Eugene, OR

Why Choose Rehab in Eugene?

University of Oregon Logo on Book

The University of Oregon

The University of Oregon provides excellent educational, career and entertainment opportunities for the residents and visitors of Eugene. Sports fans can be a part of the electric atmosphere at Autzen Stadium for a Duck’s football game in the fall or cheer on the outdoor track and field team at Hayward Field in the spring. Outdoor enthusiast can appreciate the lush green campus, which is a sanctioned arboretum. The university is also a large job creator and provides numerous career opportunities for Eugene residents.

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The Adventures and the Outdoors

Eugene and the Lane County area are home to incredible wildlife, state and local parks, and adventure opportunities. The Willamette River provides fantastic recreational opportunities such as fishing, kayaking and swimming, and the Willamette River bike trail provides cyclists with a 132-mile scenic ride. The area is home to great parks such as Sand Master Park, which features 16 acres of private sand dunes sculpted for sandboarding and other recreational activities. Nearby Mount Pisgah offers remarkable hiking trails and outdoor activities. The coast and Oregon beaches are also nearby and offer a great escape for those looking to get away from the city for a bit.

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Experience the Culture

There is always something fun and exciting to do in the Lane County, Oregon area. For animal lovers, the Sea Lion Caves, America’s largest sea-cave, offers viewings of hundreds of wild sea lions throughout the year, and the Cascade Raptor Center allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of the world’s rarest birds of prey. The Hult Center for the Performing Arts provides a wide array of top class performances for the people of Eugene, and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History gives visitors a glimpse into the unique history of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. The Eugene Saturday Market in downtown Eugene is also a local favorite and features local artisans, an international outdoor food court and live music.

Government Prevention Initiatives

Government entities in the area work diligently to prevent substance abuse in the community. Additionally, government services provide treatment and assistance for those struggling with substance addiction.



PreventionLane looks to promote healthy lifestyle choices for Lane County residents by planning, promoting and creating ideal social and environmental conditions for community health and well-being. PreventionLane works on community issues such as:

Community Issues

PreventionLane looks to address community issues at a policy level by collecting and analyzing data, sharing information, facilitating community involvement, providing technical assistance, developing health policies and community health improvement plans and by training and educating Lane County residents.

Eugene Springfield Prevention Coalition (ESPC)

The ESPC is made of community partners who strive to prevent drug and alcohol abuse in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. The ESPC achieves this by:

Community Issues

  • Promoting positive norms and community standards
  • Healthy youth and family development
  • Advocacy
  • Education
The ESPC’s main focus is on reducing substance abuse among youth and young adults in the community.

Lane County Drug Take Back program

Lane County Drug Take Back program

Through collaborative efforts by the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, the City of Springfield Police Department, the City of Springfield Public Works Department and the Metropolitan Wastewater Commission, the Lane County Drug Take Back Program aims to reduce the risk of household medications being misused, abused or improperly disposed of. The program reduces harm to community residents and waterways by providing a safe place to dispose of unwanted prescription medications. Medication drop boxes are located throughout the county and give residents an easy, fast and safe way to rid themselves of risky medications.

Lane County Behavioral Health Services

Lane County Behavioral Health Services provides a wide range of treatment services and programs that help children, families and adults in the community. Programs focus on a number of different mental health issues, including:

Community Issues

  • Adult mental health
  • Residential health program
  • Child and adolescent mental health
  • Civil commitment
  • Methadone treatment

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College Services

Higher learning institutions in Eugene and Lane counties offer counseling services for students experiencing issues with substance abuse or eating disorders. Additionally, academic programs in the field of substance abuse treatment allow students to pursue careers in substance abuse treatment.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is dedicated to preventing substance abuse and strives to help students, staff and community members struggling with addiction or eating disorders. Additionally the university administration has implemented strategies to reduce student substance abuse and to change the culture of drinking on campus.

Employee Assistance Program

Eligible University of Oregon employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Cascade Centers, Inc. The university EAP offers several wellness services, such as child-care, financial planning, substance addiction counseling, and more. These services are free for employees and their dependents and are completely confidential.

Collegiate Recovery Center (CRC)

The University of Oregon administration recognizes that the average college environment can be difficult for students in recovery, and therefore created the Collegiate Recovery Center to support students recovering from addiction, self-harm, eating disorders and other addictions. Located on campus, the CRC provides assistance to university students with recovery support, academic support, financial resources, mentorship, social support and life skills training. Additionally, the CRC helps introduce students in recovery to a culture and social circle of other students in recovery that can support each other throughout their college experience. The CRC provides 24/7 access to the facility to give students in recovery a sober and safe space to go. The CRC also provides students in recovery with academic advising, weekly seminar meetings, volunteer service project opportunities, and sober activities and social gatherings.

University Counseling & Testing Center (UCTC)

The UCTC offers counseling to students for a wide variety of issues, including substance abuse and eating and body image concerns. The UCTC offers consultations, individual counseling, group counseling and referrals for more intense treatment programs. For individuals with eating disorders, the UCTC offers nutrition services to help them overcome harmful eating patterns and to feel comfortable eating in social settings.

Lane Community College

The Recovery Center at Lane Community College offers substance abuse prevention services, which include referrals, individual, and group counseling, to students and staff. The Recovery Center offers support groups that promote recovery and provide education on issues such as substance abuse, smoking cessation, eating disorders and more. In addition, the Recovery Center also helps establish student-run support groups open to the community — such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous — for individuals in recovery.

Support Groups and Nonprofit Organizations

Centro Latino Americano

Centro Latino Americano is a multicultural agency dedicated to the empowerment of Latinos in the Lane County community, offering a wide range of social services, access to community resources and advocating for fair treatment of all community residents. The Centro Latino Americano Alcohol and Addictions Program provides comprehensive care that includes addiction screening, assessment and outpatient treatment conducted in Spanish. Additionally, the program features classes on suicide prevention, substance addiction prevention, and early intervention for at-risks youth. The Alcohol and Addictions Program offers culturally specific treatment to increase engagement among the Eugene Latino community.

When the Ones We Love Struggle with Addiction

This support group, facilitated by the University of Oregon, offers students who have been affected by a loved one’s substance abuse the opportunity to share experiences, discover ways to support individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and understand how a loved one’s substance abuse can affect them. The group also provides support to students in need and techniques on how to strengthen self-efficacy, interpersonal and coping skills.

Healing Together

Healing Together is a University of Oregon facilitated support group for students who have an eating disorder or are in recovery from an eating disorder, have received treatment in the past, and who are ready to move past their issues with food, weight, dieting, and body image. The group also aims to explore the underlying causes of each individual’s disorder in hopes of addressing the root concerns. Healing Together is meant to provide a safe place for students to receive support and develop an understanding of their own eating disorders, and to support others through the same process.

Volunteer Opportunities

Nonprofit organizations in Eugene and Lane County offer residents the chance to give back and help others who may be struggling with substance addiction.

Eugene Mission

Eugene Mission

The Eugene Mission is a nonprofit organization and wellness center that provides emergency services and long-term solutions to assist the homeless with finding employment, stable housing and sustainable income. The Eugene Mission provides housing, counseling, health items and care to homeless people who are often battling mental illness, physical difficulties, unemployment, and addiction to drugs or alcohol. Volunteer opportunities are numerous through the Eugene Mission, and include positions such as staff support, volunteer drivers, food service volunteers, donation processor, barber, bike mechanic and more.



Substance abuse is among the top causes of homelessness in Eugene. ShelterCare is nonprofit organization and shelter that supports families and individuals who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and adults who have mental illnesses or brain injuries. Those with mental illnesses can receive support and housing from ShelterCare, as well as treatment for their illness and other co-occurring illnesses such as substance addiction. Volunteers are always needed to assist in the care of the individuals in ShelterCare programs and include positions such as being a companion or mentor to an adult with a mental disability, providing transportation for individuals, skills training, and administrative support.

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