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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Boulder, Colorado

You can recover from addiction in Boulder and its surrounding communities. Boulder County is home to reputable rehab facilities, recovery support groups and a variety of safe activities that can help you on your path to recovery.

Rehab Centers, AA & NA Meetings in Boulder

Organizations and groups in Boulder County work to reduce drug abuse in the community and promote overall health and wellness. Through education, outreach and support programs, community members help individuals avoid addiction and recover from it.

The Boulder County chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Boulder Area of Narcotics Anonymous host more than 300 support group meetings every week in Lafayette, Jamestown, Lyons and other areas of Boulder County.

Boulder, CO

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Why Choose Rehab in Boulder?

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Enjoy the Outdoors

You can take a break from city life by going on a hike or camping trip in the Arapaho National Forest or the Roosevelt National Forest. By traveling along the Peak to Peak Highway, you can drive or stop by Rocky Mountain National Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park or the Indian Peak Wilderness.

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Shop Along Pearl Street

The Pearl Street Mall at the heart of downtown Boulder is the premier shopping destination in Boulder County, CO. The four blocks of restaurants, shops and boutiques sits between 11th Street and 15th Street and runs along Pearl Street. You can check out the Twenty Ninth Street shopping center and The Hill near the University of Colorado.

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Take in Local Culture

You can experience a variety of cultural hot spots in Boulder, Colorado. Visit the Boulder History Museum or the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art for a taste of history. On the weekend, you can listen to the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. In March, you can enjoy acts and films at the Boulder International Film Festival.

Government Initiatives in Boulder, CO

Citizens in Boulder County support government efforts to prevent and treat drug abuse and addiction in the area. Local governments and school districts provide counseling services and drug abuse prevention programs, and local law enforcement agencies work together to keep illegal drugs off the streets.

Boulder Valley Schools Substance Abuse Prevention logo

Boulder Community Substance Abuse Prevention

The Boulder County Community Substance Abuse Prevention Program aims to prevent and reduce drug abuse in the area by providing community-based educational programs and advocating for policy changes. The program provides screening and referral services and offers classes for students and adults.

Boulder Valley Schools Substance Abuse Prevention logo

Boulder Valley Schools Substance Abuse Prevention

The Boulder Valley School District supports a variety of drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs, such as the Gateway Drug Peer Educators program. In the program, students from local high schools are trained to give presentations regarding drug abuse, health and wellness to local middle school students.

Longmont Counseling Services

Longmont Counseling Services

The city of Longmont’s Children, Youth and Families services offers free short-term counseling services to help families confront a variety of issues, including those stemming from drug abuse. Counseling services can be found in a variety of schools in the St. Vrain Valley School District and are available in English or Spanish.

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Boulder Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership

The Boulder County Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership helps community coalitions and organizations work to reduce tobacco initiation and use among teens and young adults in Boulder County, Colorado. The partnership also helps businesses promote smoke-free work places and advocates for policy changes.

Boulder County Sheriff Logo

Boulder County Drug Task Force

Officers from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and the Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville and University of Colorado police departments make up the Boulder County Drugs Task Force. The agencies collaborate to investigate drug violations and crime related to drug trafficking in Boulder County.

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College Services

Colleges and universities in Boulder County support drug-free campuses and provide educational, counseling and referral services for students, faculty and staff.

University of Colorado campus
Naropa University campus
Front Range Community College campus

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado’s Center for Community, Wardenburg Health Center and CU Collegiate Recovery Center provide a variety of services designed to prevent and treat drug addiction.

  • Students are eligible for six free counseling appointments per academic year. Counseling services can help treat a variety of mental health issues, including addiction.

  • A sober-living community for students located on the University of Colorado campus. It is home to a variety of support groups, support staff and students in recovery from addiction.

  • A support program for students in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

  • A student group that supports a drug-free lifestyle and overall health and wellness.

  • Faculty and staff can receive confidential counseling and referral services free of charge. They are also eligible for the university’s Family Medical Leave program.

  • Freshmen and first-year transfer students are given educational material regarding drug abuse, and students can receive alcohol and other drug education by participating in the Substance Use at CU-Boulder module.

Naropa University

The Naropa University Counseling Center in Juniper Cottage provides counseling and therapy services for students on topics including depression, anxiety, drug abuse and crisis intervention. The university’s Community Counseling office is home to counseling services and support groups for residents of the Boulder and Front Range communities.

Front Range Community College

The Front Range Community College campus in Boulder supports a drug-free lifestyle for students, faculty and staff. Students can receive free short-term crisis counseling and stress management services from a certified counselor. The college also provides long-term referral services to community organizations.

Community Organizations

Healthy Futures Coalition

The Healthy Futures Coalition in Boulder County comprises community organizations, health care providers and government agencies that work together to reduce drug abuse and addiction. The organizations share resources to promote healthy attitudes regarding drugs and alcohol among Boulder county residents.


Based in Longmont, the Alternatives for Youth iTHRIVE program targets teens struggling with drug abuse and addiction in Boulder County. The program was developed in 2011 as an early inervention program for teens and parents suffering from addiction. Today, it promotes healthy development for all youth in the community.

Natural Highs

The Natural Highs program uses alternative and traditional methods to provide drug abuse prevention and intervention programs for students at high schools in Boulder and at Naropa University. Natural Highs is also home to peer-mentorship programs and leadership groups composed of Boulder students.

Boulder Prevention and Intervention

The Boulder County Prevention & Intervention Program strives to prevent drug abuse in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain school districts and to help students recover from addiction. The program’s counselors can help with topics ranging from depression and suicide to family and peer conflict.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you’d like to give back to the community and help individuals recovering from addiction in Boulder, a pair of organizations can use your skills.

I Have a Dream Foundation logo

I Have a Dream Foundation

The I Have a Dream Foundation in Boulder County aims to help youth from low-income families avoid drugs and succeed in life. The foundation provides educational programs, mentors and other support services. It needs volunteers who can help with mentoring, tutoring, photography, graphic design and a variety of other efforts.

Phoenix Multisport Sober Active Community logo

Phoenix Multisport Sober Active Community

The Phoenix Multisport Sober Active Community in Boulder is a group of individuals — including some in recovery — who pursue a sober lifestyle through activities such as climbing, hiking, running and biking. The organization needs volunteers who can assist instructors, coordinate mailing lists, work aid stations or perform a variety of other tasks.

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