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Substance addiction is a disease that affects people from all walks of life, devastating individuals and their families. Our guides are comprehensive resources that cover college substance use, confronting an addict, and talking to children about drugs and alcohol. The information contained within these guides may save a life.

What Are Gateway Drugs? Information and Prevention

The definition of a gateway drug is a habit forming drug, which may not be addictive itself, but could lead to the use of other, more addictive drugs. The theory that consuming softer drugs can lead to using stronger substances has existed for decades. Countless studies suggest [...]

Overdoses: All You Need to Know

What to Do During an Overdose: A Step-by-Step Guide Download Now Drug overdose is an unprecedented epidemic in the United States. Overdose deaths have increased by an alarming 137 percent […]

Addiction and Pregnancy: A Guide for Mothers

Addiction is a progressive, chronic disease characterized by compulsive behavior, harmful side effects and relapse. Like other diseases, addiction presents serious risks for pregnant women and their babies. Drug addiction […]

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