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Ten Best Rehab Centers in Oregon

Using evidence-based approaches, the best rehab centers in Oregon offer a continuum of care that helps people overcome addiction and mental health disorders. The facilities also possess licenses and accreditations from well-respected national organizations.

The best treatment centers in Oregon use proven techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment, to help people recover from substance use disorders and mental illness.

The top 10 rehab centers in the state provide an exceptional quality of care. They have received recognition from national organizations such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and The Joint Commission.

Providence Behavioral Health Services

Hood River, Oregon

Providence Behavioral Health at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital aims to improve the physical, spiritual, psychological and social health of people with addiction, mental illness, eating disorders and learning disabilities.

The treatment facility is licensed or accredited by:

The rehab center provides partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs that use group, individual and cognitive behavioral therapy. Its inpatient treatment program offers 24-hour care to people with substance use disorders.

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BestCare Treatment Services

Multiple locations in Oregon

BestCare Treatment Services is a nonprofit drug rehab provider. Its facilities in Redmond, Klamath, Madras and Bend provide detox, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient care and residential treatment to people with addiction and mental illness.

The organization is licensed or accredited by:

BestCare’s trained medical professionals provide counseling, psychotherapy, 12-step meetings and recovery mentoring. Options for alternative treatment include acupuncture, yoga and mindfulness techniques. The treatment staff emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy diet during recovery.

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Serenity Lane

Multiple locations in Oregon

Serenity Lane has seven locations throughout Oregon that provide treatment and intervention services to help people overcome addiction. The organization offers several levels of care, including medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient care and support during recovery.

Serenity Lane is licensed or accredited by:

The nonprofit has addiction treatment programs tailored to specific demographics. The Young Adult’s Program offers group therapy, counseling and lectures to people aged 18 to 24. The Recovery Support program provides outpatient therapy to help people in recovery manage stress and prevent relapse.

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Roseburg, Oregon

ADAPT is an addiction treatment organization in southern Oregon. Its adult residential clinic, The Crossroads, addresses addiction and co-occurring disorders. Treatment at The Crossroads includes social detox, which assists clients through medically supervised withdrawal without the use of medications.

ADAPT is licensed or accredited by:

The treatment center offers proven techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling and motivational interviewing. Treatment plans also incorporate nutritional meals, recreational therapy and case management support.

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Looking Glass Community Services

Eugene, Oregon

Looking Glass Community Services provides addiction support services to teens struggling with addiction, abuse, delinquency and mental illness. The organization offers residential and outpatient treatment services.

Looking Glass Community Services is licensed or accredited by:

The organization’s Parole Revocation Diversion Program prepares teens to transition to long-term treatment, independent living or back into the community. Looking Glass also runs the PITCH program, which teaches positive behaviors and life skills to adolescents aged 12 to 18.

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Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Newberg, Oregon

Since 1949, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has helped countless people overcome addiction. Its Newberg, Oregon, location offers several levels of care, including detox, residential, outpatient and aftercare services.

The nonprofit is licensed or accredited by:

The rehab center has also been recognized for its addiction programs for LGBTQ people and those who have a history of trauma. Treatment programs may include medication-assisted opioid treatment and animal-assisted recovery support.

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Community Counseling Solutions

Arlington, Oregon

Community Counseling Solutions use counseling, education and therapy approaches to help people overcome addiction and co-occurring disorders. The treatment center provides outpatient care to people willingly attending rehab and to participants attending court-ordered rehab.

Community Counseling Solutions is accredited by:

The facility also offers the David Romprey Oregon Warmline, a toll-free number that fosters conversations between people with a history of mental illness and those seeking support for mental health problems. Instead of giving advice, trained peers listen to the callers’ feelings and experiences.

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Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Portland, Oregon

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare provides support for people dealing with addiction and mental health problems. Its secure residential treatment locations offer 24-hour support to residents with physical and psychological problems.

The facility is licensed or accredited by:

The organization helps individuals of all backgrounds, from youths to LGBTQ people, overcome substance use disorders.

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Lane County Methadone Treatment Program

Eugene, Oregon

The Lane County Methadone Treatment Program provides outpatient treatment for Oregonians addicted to opioids. Treatment services include methadone dispensing, education, crisis intervention and support group meetings.

The program is licensed or accredited by:

Lane County also offers individual, couple, group or family counseling. Group therapy incorporates sound and music therapy, meditation, relapse prevention and emotional focused therapy. Family treatment helps people learn ways to provide support to a loved one receiving treatment for addiction.

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Allied Health Services Medford

Medford, Oregon

Allied Health Services Medford provides medication-assisted therapy to people with opioid addiction. Medications used during treatment include methadone and Suboxone. The staff comprises doctors, therapists and nurses.

Allied Health Services Medford is licensed or accredited by:

The rehab center also uses group and individual therapy to educate individuals on the consequences of substance abuse. Clients also learn ways to avoid relapse during recovery.

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The top drug rehab centers in Oregon provide proven, evidence-based techniques that have helped thousands of people defeat addiction. These facilities help people of all backgrounds overcome substance use disorders and live healthy, productive lives.